When I’m Sixty-Four


When I’m Sixty-Four: The Real Sixties

*Could I be a Baby Boomer Neanderthal? Just found out that the gene for Red Hair + Freckles + Hazel Eyes – which I have can be traced to the Neanderthals

* So Should I Go Gray or Dye Away – Loving the Monthly Silver Glimmer in my Scalp or Hastily Covering It Up for One More Month as a Chemically Enhanced Red Head – Should I be a Chemically Enhanced Baby Boomer Distance Cousin to the Neanderthals or Be a Natural Baby Boomer Neanderthal Distance Cousin?

*Doctors My New Social Life + PA’s are My New Pals

*Reacting to Comments “Wow You Don’t Look 63 or When I am Your Age I hope I look as Good + You Look As Tired As Me + Now that You are Over 60 the Following is Over – Finding a Mate + Just Dating + Your Career + Limited Options + When will You be Retiring …are these people talking to Me…I am Not Retiring…I am Celebrating My Career Graduation…

*Eye Floaters My New Friends & Constant Companions – What I affectionately call my Lava Lamp Eyes – Like Being at Woodstock 1969 without the Music or Fun – Living the Real Sixties

*New Hobby: Cataract Farming – Waiting and Watching Them Grow – When is the Harvest? Gives new meaning to “From Farm to Table” that is “From Farm to Operating Table” – Celebrating Being a Baby Boomer

*New Pastime: Hanging Out at the County Senior Center or What I Call Going to Adult Day Camp (PS 200 – will explain)

*Seeking Ways to Add Rhinestones to my Carpal Tunnel Wrist Braces – new items to BeDazzle