Baby Boomer Connect Blog:

Connecting Baby Boomers in Celebrating their Lives by Dr. Joanie Elizabeth Dominick Leichter


With Self: Celebrate Self + Care for Self + Rebirth Self + Be My  Best Friend + Joy of Movement

 With Family: Kids in College + Kids in Career + Caring for Parents

With Community: Make New Friends + Keep the Old Friends

With Career:  Graduating from My Career  =  Creating My GPS:  Grad Portfolio Story (c) 2013 + My Career Graduation Story  formerly known as Retirement Story+ New Career Paths Story- I would like to Retire the word Retirement and replace it with Career Graduation  (c) 2015 and Graduating from My Career (c) 2015 – Much more Celebratory and Forward Looking – One Day Closer to Graduation

With Citizenship: Volunteering + Politically Active + Was a Girl Scout – Need a troup  for Baby Boomer Girl Scouts