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Water Aquatics


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Before you start a Water Aquatics Routine, for education and safety, take your lessons from a certified instructor and check with your doctor to see if you can do these routines.

***These are a list of my favorite Water Aquatic Routines***

H20 Water Aerobic Workout Overview and Resources-

Recommended Equipment:

Shallow Water (with Aqua Jogging Shoes)
Deep Water (with Aqua Jogging Belt)
Aquatic Fitness Gloves
Pool Noodle Large and Small (hollow & solid),
Water Dumbells, Hydro Resistant Arm and Leg Trainers, Water Weights
Axis/Pull Buoy
Goggles + Protective Glasses
Comfortable Swimsuit

My Favorite Brands of Aquatic Fitness Products:

Hydro-Tone Products

Speedo USA: Go to link Aquatic Fitness

Aqua Sphere


Pool Noodle
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My Favorite Aquatic Fitness Workouts:

Hydro-Tone Product Workouts

Water Aerobic Instruction YouTube Videos includes Aqua Zumba, Aqua Fitness with Weights/Noodles/Targeted Exercises: Arms, Abs, Legs

My Favorite Places for Aquatic Fitness Workouts:

LA Fitness Pool -  Length 25 Yard Pool


Gwinnett Pools

My Neighborhood Pool


Kensington M & M’s (Mermaid & Mermen) H20 Workouts:

Warm Ups: Shallow Water – Water Up to Shoulders:

1. Stretch Arms Up Over Head – Stretch Hands, Wrists, & Fingers

2. Stretch Legs – Pull Knee to Abdomen, Lift Leg Front, Back, & Side

4. Stretch Legs – Bend Leg Back – Hold Foot – Stretch

3. Walk Forward across the Pool (2x)

4. Walk Backward across the Pool (2x)

5. Walk Sideways across the Pool (The Crab) 2x


Areobic Section of Water Areobic Class (Shallow & Deep):

1. Bike Noodle. Bike across the pool using a larger pool noodle. Sit on middle of the noodle and peddle your legs and use you arms to propel you across the pool. Try forward and backwards. (2x)

2. Bike Noodle, but use on only your arms (forward and


3. Bike Noodle, use only legs (forward and backward)(2x)

4. Recumbent Bike Noodle (forward and backward pedaling)Then, like a scissor, open and close you legs laying back on the noodle (3 sets of 10). Then do cross over scissors with your legs (3 sets of 10).

5. Stand with noodle in front of you. Push noodle back and forth in the water and jog. Then do a pendulum swing with noodle and kick legs. (Using heavier noodle for these exercises).Pool Noodle Jog (3 sets of 10)

7. Noodle Abs: Put noodle around your back and do sits ups -front and twisted to each side with knees pulled in. (3 sets of 10)

8. Cross Country Ski (3 sets of 10)

9. Pendulum (3 sets of 10)

10. Jumping Jacks/T Jacks (3 sets of 10)

11. Frogs (3 sets of 10)

12. Tucks-pull legs to abs (3 sets of 10)

13. Rocking Horse (3 sets of 10)

14. Jump Rope/Over Line in Pool (3 sets of 10)

For descriptions of exercises 5 throught 9 go to How to Perform Water Aerobics

15. Make a Circle with the Group & loop noodle over person in from of you. Last person holds two ends of noodle of person in front of them forming circle- walk clockwise, then walk counter clockwise – let force of water make your work harder. 16. Alternative: Deep Water Aerobics – using a jogging belt – walk/run/jog in deep water. Do the above routines from 1-15 in the deep water for a more intense workout.


Anaerobic Section of Water Areobic Class (Shallow & Deep):

Focus on movements when using resistance water weights – Use correct form, keep joints loose, focus on the both directions of weights slowly.

1. Dumbell Curls

2. Dumbell Flys

3. Leg Lifts with ankle weights or noodles

4. Noodle Arm Push Down Front & Back (3 sets of 10)

5. Noodle Arm Swing Side to Side

6. Noodle Pretzel arm & leg

7. Leg Squats (3 sets of 10)

8. Leg Squats holding Dumbells (3 sets of 10)

9. Noodle Abs – Crunch: hold noodle under arms and lean back. Do knees to abs, lateral right & left pull in knees to abs (3 sets of 10)

10. Shoulders and Arm Overhead: Using filled water bottles – lift bottles overhead (3 sets of 10)

11. Back: Push Noodle/Dumbells/Hydro Grips forward and back – standing (3 sets of 10)

12. Be creative and adapt your weightlifting exercises to the water. Introduce resistance bands and other land anaerobic exercises that can be done in a pool.


Cool Down Shallow Water – Water Up to Shoulders:

1. Walk across the pool forward, backward, and sideways (the

Crab Walk)

2. Stretch your arms over your head

3. Stretch your legs to your abs

4. Hold on to the side of the pool with both hands and stretch out your legs and heels as a runner would

5. Hug Yourself for doing Your Great Workout!


Aquatic Workouts: Swimming + Pool Laps with Kickboard – Fins – Gloves – Axis/Pull Buoy

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Pool Conversion Chart for Lap Swimming

Water Aerobic Resources:

Aquatic Exercise Association

Aquatic Fitness: Discovering Water Aerobics

Gwinnett County, Georgia, USA – Aquatic Centers – H20 Aerobic Classes & Swim Classes